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O Data URL - From Dynamics NAV 2018 to Business Central-

Posted on by 17
Our company will update from Dymanics NAV 2018 to Business Central.

Currently we import in excel several Queries from O Data URL.
After the system changes I need to change all sources with the new URL for each query.

My question is :
Will it work? Or tables , formats and contents will be different? In that case it will brake all calculations and steps applied to queries.
  • ALDANA Profile Picture
    ALDANA 17 on at
    O Data URL - From Dynamics NAV 2018 to Business Central-
    I also experience too slow times for refreshing queries, even though filters where applied,  I need to work with all GL Entries related to Jobs , in a big table like this one, is it also a solution to use APIs instead? Currently we used the SQL Sever, but soon we wont be able to extract data from there, I am evaluating other alternatives to import them in queries before I apply more steps. 
    My first issue is the slow queries
    The second one is the changing of sources from Dynamic Nav 2018 to Business central coming soon. 
  • Suggested answer
    Steven Renders Profile Picture
    Steven Renders 4,994 Super User on at
    O Data URL - From Dynamics NAV 2018 to Business Central-
    No, there are changes in table names, field names,... So you need to test that.
    Also, don't use ODATA links, use the APIs instead.
  • Verified answer
    T.yahya Profile Picture
    T.yahya 96 on at
    O Data URL - From Dynamics NAV 2018 to Business Central-
    Some adjustments may be needed
    Here are a few things you might want to check:
    Firstly, there may be discrepancies in table and field names. For instance, "Phys. Inventory Recording" has been changed to "Phys. Invt. Record Line" in Business Central.
    Secondly, there may be alterations in data types or formats, which could impact your calculations and steps. It is crucial to meticulously test your queries to ensure that all calculations and transformations are functioning correctly.
    Lastly, I cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly testing your integrations, customizations, and queries in a sandbox environment before deploying them to your production environment. This practice is invaluable in preventing any unforeseen issues.
    Hope this will help.
    Best regards,
    Touil Yahya

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