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Subform using temporary tabl

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I've created a BC page and ListPart / Subform that are intended to become a dialog to get info from the user. I want to prime some fields with initial values. I'm using temporary tables for both the main page and the subform. I've created a procedure in both the main page and the subform called SetValues where I pass in the data. I pass the data for both the main page and the subform to the SetValues in the main page which then passes it on to the SetValues in the subform. All passed by 'var'. Is this the correct approach? At the moment I'm expecting to see 3 lines showing in the table at the bottom of the page but I'm only seeing one of them. I've debugged into the SetValues of the subform and the record count is 3. Why am I only seeing 1 of the 3 lines passed in?


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    Nick Webb 614 on at
    RE: Subform using temporary tabl

    Please see attached code:-


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    Inge M. Bruvik 32,714 Super User on at
    RE: Subform using temporary tabl

    Unless you share more of your actual code i think it is hard to help you further on this.

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