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Add Terms and Conditions to OM Invoice

Posted on by 30

I'm trying to add two pages of terms and conditions to an SL OM Invoice.  The Terms and Conditions also needs to print conditionally based on Customer.User5 being true or false. Invoices will be sent via Quick Send so ideally everything would be printed in a single file with the invoice printing normally and the T&C added on the back end.

I have tried simply adding the terms and conditions to the report footer and written formulas to successfully suppress the page headers: 

In Report Footer A created formula:

Global BooleanVar SuppressPageHeader;
SuppressPageHeader := True;

In the report header added formula:

Global BooleanVar SuppressPageHeader;
SuppressPageHeader := False;

Suppress the page header and footer with:

Global BooleanVar SuppressPageHeader;

This formula should work to suppress the footer as well, but I'm struggling with it.  It is suppressing the footer on the first page of the T&C but not on the second, which is the last page of the whole report. I would appreciate any insight!

I haven't even tackled suppressing the T&C based on the Customer.User5 yet; I'm hoping with the formulas I've written it won't be an issue.

Has anyone out there successfully added Terms and Conditions to an SL OM Invoice in another way?  

Thanks in advance!!




  • Tanya Kratzer Profile Picture
    Tanya Kratzer 571 on at
    Re: Add Terms and Conditions to OM Invoice

    Shelley,  I happened across your post when looking for something else.  I had a client that needed to add additional information to invoices in SL.  They purchased Liaison Messenger EDD, which fit the bill perfectly.  If this is still a problem, you might want to contact them.

    Good luck!

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