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Error trying to settle old credit card transactions

Posted on by 25

I'm running MS Dynamics POS 2009 SP1 with FirstData as the payment processor. We've got a bunch of old unsettled credit card transactions (373 to be exact) that date back to 2009. The reason for this is we didn't know initially that we had to settle manually and didn't find out till much later. Every time I try to settle it returns the following error:

Settlement is complete.
Settlement has failed due to a system error.

Note: Some batches could not be settled. This is usually due to a problem with the payment add-in. To view the pending batches, return to the Settle Transactions dialog box.To view the add-in settings, click Add-in Settings on the Settings menu.

Do you want to view the report?

I don't see anything in the Add-in Settings to change or play with. We're not concerned at this point with trying to reconcile those transactions. We just want to able to move forward with accepting cards and being able to settle. Is there a way to delete the transactions even though the batches are closed?

  • Ryan Sakry Profile Picture
    Ryan Sakry 3,425 on at
    Re: Error trying to settle old credit card transactions


    The way most retail credit cards work is when you run the CC, you get a pre-authorization from the payment processor along with a 6 digit Authorization Code essentially saying this is guaranteed.  Then when you settle the batch, this is when the actual funds are transferred from the card holder to your bank account.  There are more steps that happen on the back-end but for this explanation they are not overly important.

    The cold hard truth of the matter is that pre-authorizations are generally only good for up to 72 hours.  I am sincerely sorry, but it is likely you are out of any transaction more than 3 days old.  If you purchased this from a partner, I would go to them and ask why you were not informed of the requirement to settle.  In either case I would also contact FirstData with the transaction numbers, amounts, and last 4 digits of the cards (whole number is encrypted and not accessible).  You should be able to access this via the Settlement Report (Manager View, Reports -> Miscellaneous -> Transaction Settlement.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I figured you'd prefer a straight-up answer instead of MS double-speak.

  • Shawn Meade Profile Picture
    Shawn Meade on at
    Re: Error trying to settle old credit card transactions

    Hello Jeffrey,

    It would be recommended to work with your partner to remove these in the back end.  The other option that you have would be to voide the transactions out altogether, which could take a while.  

    If you do not have a partner that you would like to work with this on, this should be able to be handled in a support request with Microsoft.  

    Warm Wishes,

    Shawn with Microsoft Retail Support.

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