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D365 Media and Entertainment Accelerator Ticket Sales

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I have installed the Media and Entertainment Accelerator and I am attempting to set up an event with ticket prices. How can I show ticket prices on the Event Registration portal?

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    Phill jones 16 on at
    D365 Media and Entertainment Accelerator Ticket Sales
    To display ticket prices on the Event Registration portal with the Media and Entertainment Accelerator, I would first log in to the administrator dashboard. From there, I'd navigate to the event settings or ticketing section. Depending on the specific features of the accelerator, there should be an option to add or edit ticket types.
    I'd click on the option to add a new ticket type and fill in the details such as the ticket name, description, and price. Once I've entered all the necessary information, I'd save the changes.
    After saving, I'd preview the event registration portal to ensure that the ticket prices are displaying correctly. If everything looks good, I'd proceed to publish the event registration page so attendees can start purchasing tickets.
    It's essential to double-check the setup to ensure accuracy, especially regarding pricing, as it directly impacts the attendees' experience and the event's success.
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    RE: D365 Media and Entertainment Accelerator Ticket Sales

    An Industry Accelerator allows an organization to implement some configuration and customization items into a CRM system to save on design and build time by using commonly used tables, fields, views and relationships that are common to a specific industry. A few months ago, Microsoft added a new one for the media and entertainment industry...

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