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Force Sync users using PowerShell

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Based on the documentation on we can force sync users on Demand. This might seem helpful on certain situations:

  • We have a large number of users that we need to sync and we can't wait for PPAC to trigger
  • A high number of users are being added to the security groups and we need provide access immediately, and we can't go on a one-by-one basis on PPAC

Without delays, this is a sample script that can be used for this purpose:

$EnvironmentName = 'EnvironmentID'
$groupName='display name of the group'

#Get environment
$Environment = Get-AdminPowerAppEnvironment -EnvironmentName $EnvironmentName
  #AzureAD part. Connect to azure and retrieve enabled users

  #Using SecurityGroups
  $Group = Get-AzureADGroup | Where { $_.DisplayName -eq $groupName }
  $users = Get-AzureADGroupMember -ObjectId $group.ObjectId

  #Querying directly the AzureAD
  $users = Get-AzureADUser -all $true | where {$_.accountenabled -eq $true}
  #iterating through the array of users
  foreach ($user in $users)
    #Force sync on each user
    Add-AdminPowerAppsSyncUser -EnvironmentName $Environment.EnvironmentName -PrincipalObjectId $user.ObjectId

If we know the EnvironmentID, we can trigger the sync by running the add-adminpowerappsyncuser documented on  the other part, would require to connect to AzureAD.  ON this scripts, I'm using 2 possibilities:

- Getting all users on the Domain that are active, through the command get-azureaduser.  By using the parameter -all $true, I'm ensuring I'm querying the whole directory and retrieving all elements (and not batches of 5000 for example).  I'm also using a where condition to specify to retrieve only enabled users.

- Getting all users on an AzureAD SecurityGroup.  For this scenario, First I need the security group name (original parameter).   After running the Get-azureadGroup (with a condition to retrieve the one with the exact same name), I can run a second command to get all members of this security group:  get-azureadGroupMember that receives as a parameter the ObjectID of the security group.

The beauty of this approach is that:

  1. I can build my own script to force sync users on demand
  2. I can add some custom logic for example, to write a log to indicate when was the user processed, or send email notification once it completes
  3. I can add some additional lines, to make validations (if user exists, if there are users that fulfill the condition, etc)
  4. If there's any error, I can capture it and investigate (or provide it to Microsoft on a Support case)


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