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EMERGENCY! Flexible Billings invoice posting creates extra lines in GL

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We have 3 company databases, each with it's own base currency.  Flexible Invoicing works fine in two companies except with the GBP based company.  When any Flexible Billings invoice is posted there, an extra line in the GL batch needs to be deleted.  It has no GL Account, no subaccounts and no amounts.   Just an extra incomplete unnecessary line.   All the setups in each company db are the same so we're at a loss.  Any ideas on where I can look before I call Microsoft directly?  

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    Mark Fineman 420 on at
    RE: EMERGENCY! Flexible Billings invoice posting creates extra lines in GL

    Hi Carolyn, the answer it seems was to check our Billing Rules.  Someone accidentally changed the billing rule's COS method to something other than "NONE."  It seems that the extra zero line was added since it was trying to calculate COS when it wasn't configured.  Once we changed the drop down box to NONE on the Billing Rules, all was well.  thanks for your answer!

  • RE: EMERGENCY! Flexible Billings invoice posting creates extra lines in GL

    Hello Mark,

    I have a couple of suggestions. Oopen Billing Rules Maintenance (BI.RUL.00) and enter the ID of your Billing Rule.  If you have more than one Billing Rule, you might have to check several of these.  Enter the Billing Rule and you will see a field called COS Method.  If that is set to “To Date”, change that to <none>.  If the COS Method is “To Date”, the invoice posting process is going to try to create cost of sales transactions when you post the invoice, and if your Cost of Sales account is blank in Billings Setup, that would explain why you are getting transactions with a blank account and subaccount.  

    The other thing you can do is open Control Parameter Maintenance (PA.CNT.00), enter a control type of BI, a control code of REG-NO-ZERO-GLTRAN and then enter a Y in the first position of the control data.  This tells the BI.REG.00 process to not create any GLTran record if the amount of the transaction is zero.

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