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Adding labor for production orders

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Hi All,

I am looking to setup routings and have the correct costs outlined for runs. I dont want to map labor costs on to work centers because the labor value varies based on people and product run through the same machine. I was wondering if there is another way to get true value from an input like a resource on a production order? In the past, I have done it with assembly orders but I am not sure how to set it up via routings/prod order etc..

To give you an example: If i were to run a product on a certain machine and i used 10 employees, i want the number to be inputted by the admin on the floor so that the production costs reflect the correct value. 

Any help/direction is appreciated.

  • andrewlencsak Profile Picture
    andrewlencsak 247 on at
    RE: Adding labor for production orders

    Do you have your workers setup as Human Resource type Resources? This would allow you to have Primary and secondary operations. The primary operations could be linked to the machines/assembly work centers and be used for scheduling with a cost category/cost group of $0, and then secondary operations for HR Resources could be linked to workers who have different rates associated with them.

  • Rahul Suresh Profile Picture
    Rahul Suresh 10 on at
    RE: Adding labor for production orders

    Thank you Alessandro and Charlotte. I am doing some test runs and will keep you posted.



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    Charlotte X Profile Picture
    Charlotte X on at
    RE: Adding labor for production orders

    Hi Rahul Suresh,

    You can use gantt chart for job scheduling and you can configure Gantt charts by resources and resource groups. 

    The Gantt chart can be opened in Resource view, and all jobs are grouped under individual resources. This view can be useful when optimizing the plan at a resource level.

    Best Regards,


  • Aparisi82 Profile Picture
    Aparisi82 2,147 on at
    RE: Adding labor for production orders

    you can define cost categories which represent a cost per hour ( or per quantities)

    So you could create several cost categories which represent the number of operators that will work on the line.

    Have a look at this

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