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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Build 19394 Error Report

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When installing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 i encountered the following error :
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Build 19394
Error Report
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Components
Erreur irrécupérable lors de l’installation.
The service 'Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server [DynamicsNAV110]' (MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$DynamicsNAV110) failed to start. This can be caused by one of several issues. For example, the password for the account that runs the service may be incorrect, or there could be a conflict in port sharing for the port settings for the service, or you have specified that the port for the server should be opened in the Windows firewall even though the Windows firewall is not enabled on the computer. For more information, see the event viewer.
So please can someone help me to fix this issue.
Best regards
Maamoun Krifa