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Solution import shows missing dependency error for existing components

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Posted on by 168
Hello community,
we have upgraded our test and production system from 8.2 to 
Now we are gradually upgrading the Dev organizations to a new CRM Server v9.1 using a SQL backup for each organization.
Error description:
When importing the solution from the new Dev 9.1 into a Test 9.1, we get the error message after selecting the solution: Error importing solution. The following components are missing in the target system and are not part of the solution. Error code: 8004801d
The missing components are 5 field security profiles that are in the same dev system as the solution being imported. The missing components are part of a separate solution that is definitely in the target system and the components are listed in the default solution. 
If I import the same solution with the same version from the old dev system into the same target system, then I don't get this error message and the import is done successfully.
Attempted troubleshooting:
1st organization deleted again and imported again.
2. solution imported as unmanaged from v8.2 system to v9.1 system.
Unfortunately nothing has worked so far and in my research I have only found solutions that the missing components should be added to the solution. But this is not a solution for us, because they are in the target system and an import from the old system works.
Does anyone have an idea what it is and how I can fix this problem?
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards,
  • Daniel Schneider Profile Picture
    Daniel Schneider 168 on at
    Solution import shows missing dependency error for existing components
    Hi Rudy,
    thank you for your answer. I have already read the link and today I have removed these missing dependencies from the solution.xml and afterwards an import was possible. 
    I noticed today that the solution(s) with the field security profiles in the target systems are installed as unmanaged solution(s) instead of managed and there are more fields in the profiles in the target systems than in the devsystem with version 8.2 or 9.1.
    Unfortunately, I do not know now if that is the problem. Since I don't have the teams added in the field security profiles in the devsystem, I can't just import the Solution(s) from production into the devsystem.
    In addition, there are fields from different entities in the field security profiles. If these fields are not in the devsystem, then an import of the Field Security Profile Solution would also fail. At least now I have another clue. 
    As soon as I have new information or even could solve the problem, I will report here again.
    Thanks again for your answer.
    Greetings Daniel
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    RudyZhang Profile Picture
    RudyZhang on at
    Solution import shows missing dependency error for existing components
    Hi Daniel,
    Regarding your question about importing a solution from a development environment to a test environment reporting errors.
    Have you checked the solution component dependencies to ensure that all required dependencies are present in the new Dev environment? Sometimes, missing dependencies can cause import issues.
    This article at the following link may help you
    In addition, the answer to this post below refers to an article on using PowerShell to remove missing dependencies from the solution XML, which may help you resolve the issue.
    I hope my answer is helpful to you! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Best Regards,
    Rudy Zhang

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