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Exclude certain locations from MPR

Posted on by 320
I have a client that has multiple locations that they want excluded from MRP.  I've looked and don't
see anything that permits this filter. 

Is this possible?
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    VC-17061942-0 10 on at
    Exclude certain locations from MPR
    I think the <>"Location Code" on your Calc. Regen. Plan filters. is not possible to use.
    I failed when i tried to do the same, i had the same scenario, i needed to exclude a location from MRP / MPS process byt the system dosent respect this filter.
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    Ben Baxter 4,228 Super User on at
    Exclude certain locations from MPR
    Yes, this is possible.  For the Stockkeeping Unit of the Item for the Location you do NOT want suggestions for, simply set the Reordering Policy to blank.  The system will ignore that SKU/Location.  This can be quickly updated via Config. Package for the SKUs/Locations you want excluded.
    The other option, which I just tested, is to use the <>"Location Code" on your Calc. Regen. Plan filters.  The "<>" means not equal to.  If I wanted to exclude my "Main" Location, my filter would be <>MAIN.  I also tested if you could filter out multiple Locations using this method, such as "<>MAIN|<>WHS1|<>WHS2", unfortunately this did NOT work.
    Your best method is to control the data and ensure the SKU for the Location you want to exclude has a blank Reordering Policy.
    Best Regards,
    Ben Baxter
    Accent Software Inc
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    YUN ZHU 64,086 Super User on at
    Exclude certain locations from MPR
    Hi, sorry, I'm not sure. Is it possible to do this using Security Filters?
    If that doesn't work, you can try contacting a partner for customization.
    Hope this helps.

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