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Beginning Balance Table

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In the Chart of Accounts table, I see the following tables:

Balance at Date, Net Change, and Balance.

I notice that Balance at Date and Balance have the same data.  This appears to be true for Net Change.  At least, that's what it looks like.

Also, the GL Entries table contains the Debit and Credit fields.

I'm going to want to derive the following columns in a reporting app, such as Power BI:

Beginning Balance, Debit, Credit, Net Change, Ending Balance.

I can calculate Net Change, based on the Debit and Credit fields.  And, it should be relatively easy to calculate Ending Balance.

With that in mind, from which table do you derive Beginning Balance?



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    Inge M. Bruvik Profile Picture
    Inge M. Bruvik 32,714 Super User on at
    RE: Beginning Balance Table

    I wrote a blog post a while ago about those fields. Maybe you will find some useful information there.

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    Amit Baru Profile Picture
    Amit Baru 3,025 on at
    RE: Beginning Balance Table


    Take data form G/L entry table. And for filter pls check the Flowfield property. In that property you will get the filters logic.


    Amit Sharma

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    Dallefeld Profile Picture
    Dallefeld 11,415 UG Leader on at
    RE: Beginning Balance Table

    John until you apply date filters they will all have the same dial because they are look ups or flow fields into other tables you can apply filters to them and then the numbers will change To get the information that you want For your report you’re going to need to apply date filters and filters for a greater than zero or less than zero for debits and credits.

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