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Pricing managgement. Auto charges

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Posted on by 27
Hello everyone!
I continue to explore the possibilities of pricing management module and came across another weird system's behaviour. It's related to Auto charges price component. 
What I've done:
1. I've created a price component code based on one customer attribute (this attribute I already use for anothe price component code - so I am sure it works and configurated correctly)
2. Also, created an /Auto Charges/ for the Header with the above price component code. 
3. Finally, I've added the Auto Charges component for the price tree. During this action I came across very wierd default settings. When you create a new component for the price tree there is no /Auto Charge/ component because of default filter:
So, I cleaned it up and choose my component
After sales order creatin for the correct customer there are no charges which were added automatically.
Does someone came across the same problem and can assist me with the solution?
For now I just started to think that it is not work at all because of default filter and also because there is no information about Auto Charges in Pricing management chapter on Learn.Microsoft. But I found the personal article, where is wotks with screenshort (I did absolutelly the same configuration). The article dated in August 2023, that means author got 10.0.3 version max, and my version is 10.0.38.