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Number of Days of Depreciation

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If an asset's Depreciation Starting Date is not the 1st of a month, is there a way of having Business Central still calculate a full month's worth of depreciation?

Or, would the end user simply have to make the Depreciation Starting Date be the 1st of the month rather than say "today's date" (the 16th)?



  • john.ellis Profile Picture
    john.ellis 3,476 on at
    RE: Number of Days of Depreciation

    Thank you, Gavin!


  • Gavin Profile Picture
    Gavin 2,331 on at
    RE: Number of Days of Depreciation


    I appreciate this question is a few weeks old but it stuck with me because Dynamics GP has different options around calculating a full months depreciation for assets with a depreciation starting date mid month using "Averaging Conventions" so your question also got me thinking if Business Central could do the same. Anyway today I stumbled across this option and although not the same it might help with this in the future.

    It seems if you click the option "Show More" when running depreciation as per below:


    You can force a number of days to depreciate.


    Therefore as I understand you could set the posting date to be the end of the month but also force BC to calculate a set number of days depreciation i.e. 30days. You could then use a filter to just filter on the asset(s) you want to do this for.

    However as Dirk says if its fine to enter a depreciation start date of the 1st anyway then that's probably the way to go but its something to consider so thought I'd share .

    Hope this helps



  • Verified answer
    Dirk Profile Picture
    Dirk on at
    RE: Number of Days of Depreciation

    Hi John,

    The second option is the correct one.

    You want to set the Depreciation Starting Date to the 01st of the month.

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