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40.100.00 inventory ID does not auto populate BIN/LOT/SERIAL

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi, I have an issue with screen 40.100.00 that when I add new lines to the sales order

the new inventory ID line, does not  auto adquire a Lot serialnbr

all lot ser nbr materials are at the same site ID and Solomon did not pick up for the sales order


all the lot ser nbrs, can be assigned manually  and we follow the next steps to do it


on  sales orders (40.100.00) screen

select the Line ítems

click on bin/lotSer button

on bin/lot/serial (40.100.06) screen

click on lot/serial nbr cell

hit f3

on  lot/serial number list

select the lot ser Nbr


all lot ser nbr are available and qty match to sales order line , shipper Creation Log Viewer  it shows just the generic error because a lot ser nbr needs to be assign


any idea how to force the system to re assign Lots?, is a very long SO , over 1500 records.



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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: 40.100.00 inventory ID does not auto populate BIN/LOT/SERIAL

    If you have the Lot/Ser Tracking setup to “Assign when received into Inventory” it should assign the Lot/Ser number when it’s brought into Inventory

    There is no Lot/Ser number prompt on the Sales Order Entry screen (40.100.00), this is by design as not all Sales Orders go out the same day.

    If the Sales Order is put on hold for any reason that item/lot # would still be available for future orders.

    However, once the Order moves to the Shipper screen, it should prompt for a Lot/Ser number, or automatically populate.

    The screenshot below shows that mine automatically populated, because I have mine setup to “Assign when received into Inventory” so it puts in the next available lot# for this inventory item.



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