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How to resolve difference between IV10200 and SEE30303?

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Posted on by 75,730

What is the difference between these two fields?



I am trying to resolve a difference between the purchase receipts report and the IV Historical Trial Balance report. Out of millions of dollars we are off by $6.60

Is there any way to reconcile the IV10200 to the SEE30303? Can you tell me the sp's used behind these two reports?

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    RE: How to resolve difference between IV10200 and SEE30303?

    We use this find the missing transactions in SEE :


    select * from IV10201 where docdate  > '2019-XX-XX 00:00:00.00'

    select * from see30303 where docdate  > '2019-XX-XX 00:00:00.00'

    select * from iv30300 where itemnmbr like 'XXXXXX' order by docdate to locate the TRXSORCE ; TRXSORCE = ORGNTSRC

    select * from gl10000/gl20000/gl30000 where ORGNTSRC = XXXXXX

    I just added the missing record or there is script you can find, search DECLARE SEE30303_INSERT CURSOR FOR

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    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: How to resolve difference between IV10200 and SEE30303?

    These two queries return the same total for the amount of inventory in stock. However when I run the IV HITB report it is too low by $6.60. What would I need to add to the query for SEE30303 to get it to agree with the report?


      FROM SEE30303



      FROM IV10200


    The query for IV10200 agrees with the purchase receipts report so which report is correct. The IV HITB which is $6.60 lower or the purchase receipts report that agrees with these two queries?

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