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Purchasing/Picking for a Project

Posted on by 160
When processing inventory movements and purchasing for projects I have a few questions; wondering how others have overcome the same.
1) When purchasing for a project task and referencing it on the PO, upon receipt it automatically applies the inventory to the project. Other than in the item ledger, where else can you see the connection to this to alert the project team that the inventory has been received in and is available to use? Project setup does have the "apply usage" toggled on.
2) If inventory is available to pick, why can we not create a pick for the project? The location is referenced on the project and line, inventory pick is required on the location setup. Upon trying to create an inventory pick, the alert is "there is nothing to create".
Purpose of these questions is also so we can share visibility into fulfillment back to D365 Field Service. The projects are created, ordered for (or picked), then FS can perform the work and writeback updates so the project in BC can be invoiced. If anyone has a suggestion, we welcome it!
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 5,519 Super User on at
    Purchasing/Picking for a Project
    my understanding is this is by design. when you post a PO linked to a project, it gets automatically consumed per Yun's testing. If you don't want this, then don't fill out the project task no. on PO, and purchase/receive as normal, then consume it from the job task line as a separate step.
    The pick is the same, it seems the jobs module in BC doesn't integrates in the same way as manufacturing/sales/purchase etc. I haven't tested this in detail. but if you try to consume item from a pick mandatory location and job doesn't allow pick. You might need to use a workaround like move item to another location, which could be set up as a virtual location if needed, then consume it.
    Jun Wang
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    ahanson 160 on at
    Purchasing/Picking for a Project
    Thank you, Yun. We have followed the MS setups but not able to pick. The inventory is available though. I created a ticket with MS to troubleshoot further.
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 64,134 Super User on at
    Purchasing/Picking for a Project
    Hi, hope the following helps.
    1. First, as you mentioned, the association can be confirmed in the Item Ledger Entries.
    It can also be found on pages such as Posted Purchase Receipt Lines and Posted Purchase Invoice.
    2. This feature has been released.
    Support inventory pick and warehouse pick operations for jobs

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