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Does requested ship date affect automatic reservation for sales order work?

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Hi, I wanted to ask about the logic behind automatic reservation for sales order: When I check the inquiry form of Open sales order lines,
I noticed that the only some of the lines of the same item are reserved, while others are not reserved. These lines that are reserved are not created first, but have earlier Requested ship date than others.
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    Does requested ship date affect automatic reservation for sales order work?
    Hi Macro,
    By querying related documents, I found a description of the inventory reservation policy. Reservation policies can be set on the Item Model Groups page, the Inventory and Warehouse Management Parameters page, and the Production Parameters page.
    There are several types of reservation policies: (Please refer to the second policy for the impact of the ship date on the reservation)
    1. FIFO date-controlledIf you select the FIFO date-controlled option, the inventory reservation is controlled by a sorting date according to the FIFO principle. Batches are reserved based on the earliest date of receipt of items, according to the principle of first in, first out (FIFO).
    2. Backward from ship dateThis option becomes available if you've selected the FIFO date-controlled option. If you select Backward from ship date, and if you're reserving available physical inventory, then the inventory reservation is controlled by the last update physical date according to the FIFO rule. If you're reserving available ordered inventory, the inventory is reserved backward from the desired ship date according to the principle of last in, first out (LIFO). If no receipts are available before the ship date, the reservation will follow the LIFO rule using the transaction ship date.
    3. Item sales reservationDetermines whether item reservation is manual or automatic. If a reservation is automatic, inventory is reserved when order lines are created. It’s possible to make reservations at the item number level for BOMs (Automatic option), or for the individual elements of a BOM (Explosion option). The default value for Item sales reservation may be inherited from Accounts receivable parameters. On that page, the value is set in the Reservation field in the Sales default values section on the General tab.
    4. Same batch selectionSame batch reservation lets you reserve inventory for a sales order line against a single batch of inventory. If you want to use this option, you must also set the Consolidate requirement option to Yes. There are additional settings that are required for the tracking dimension group and storage dimension group. 
    5. Consolidate requirementThis option is similar to the Same batch selection option, and it consolidates inventory that’s reserved for sales order lines into a single requirement.
    6. FEFO date-controlledThis option allows you to reserve batches that are close to their expiration date or best before date. You also need to set the Pick criteria field to select either Expiration date or Best before date.
    For more details about the reservation policy, you can view the link below:
    Reserve inventory quantities - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn
    Best Regards,

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