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Multiple Microsoft accounts & PowerApps with Microsoft 365 Family subscription

Posted on by 3,962

Hi I have a personal Microsoft account where I purchase a Microsoft 365 Family subscription. - Let's say (A)

I started to use PowerApp and needed to create an account with a business email - Let's say x****

Unfortunately I created 2 accounts - with the business email address - one is a personal account (B) and the other is a work account (C)


I have stared the Family 365 with my business email, but it appears on the business "personal account" The PowerApp trail, however appears on the Business account "created by IT". As my trail is expiring soon, I would like to get this correctly set up. This is what I ideally want: 1. One personal account - (A) 2. Business email address - x**** - work account (C) I then want to share the family 365 subscription to the business email address I also want to continue using PowerApp, but am still in the discovery phase and am a small business. To pay AU$ 54 /month without knowing that I will be able to use is, is not ideal.


Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks Reply

  • RE: Multiple Microsoft accounts & PowerApps with Microsoft 365 Family subscription

    Thanks, @jlindstrom  for your answer.


    I do not totally follow - my apologies.


    I have the following questions.  I would appreciate it if you can advise me:


    1. I have 2 Microsoft accounts with the same email address  -

     1.1 Work or school account and the other

      1.2 Personal account

    - Both have the same work email address.  

    How do I get rid of the 1 account.


    2. I have an Office 365 Family Plan on my personal account (up to 5 users)

    3. I have shared it with my business email address, but it is on my Personal account

    4. The trail for PowerApps were on my business email address - created by IT department.

    5. I have read the community plan - thanks, but would like to take out a plan for PowerApps, but I do not want to purchase another Office 365 plan.


    To summarise:

    1.   I have one 1pc where I log in

    2.  I want to be able to sign in with my business email address, utilizing Office 365 that I already paid for and want to use PowerApps that I will take out a monthly subscription.

    3. At this stage my 365 is not on the correct business email address.




  • RE: Multiple Microsoft accounts & PowerApps with Microsoft 365 Family subscription

    Power apps only works with O365/azure AD authentication, not personal Microsoft account. If you wish to use power apps for evaluation or personal purposes, consider signing up for the community plan.


    You can share your office account with a different account but it won’t be on the same O365/azure tenant, so you will not be able to access your personal/home office services from your business Power Apps account.

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