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Edit procurement category for rejected purchase requisition line

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The client is selecting procurement categories for PR lines and has line level PR approval. 

If the reviewer of the PR rejects the line and asks procurement category to be changed preparer is not able to do that. Also, buttons for adding and  removing PR lines are not available to the preparer when the PR is rejected:

This means that if the procurement category on the PR line is wrong the preparer needs to create a new PR and to cancel the wrong line. 

This is time consuming and the client would like to be able to change procurement category for PR line when it is in status draft, rejected or if the request for change option is used by the reviewer. 

I have done some research and as I understand it cannot be done without customization.

My question is if someone has experience with customizing this? I'm afraid that customization can make problems with purchasing policies as there are a few based on procurement categories. 


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    mallesh varma Profile Picture
    mallesh varma 185 on at
    RE: Edit procurement category for rejected purchase requisition line

    Hi Ana,

    If the Purchase Req is created by (X) Person and submits for the workflow.

    (Y)person receives the PR workflow for approval because of specific setting. If he rejects the PR - Status can be rejected and another users can't be able to add the lines including you(X person), Until it should be in the Draft

    status of the of the PR(you can recall the workflow)- status will change to the draft then ask the preparer(X person) to add the additional line.


    We can also edit the procurement categories lines like lines Qty, price through the review approval condition from the Workflow, But we can't add the line.

    I assume we don't have alternative option to edit the PR lines by another users(its by design)

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    Danny Bilodeau Profile Picture
    Danny Bilodeau 4,058 Super User on at
    RE: Edit procurement category for rejected purchase requisition line

    Hello Ana,

    I do not think that Purchasing Policies would be involved in this process; you are basically substituting a procurement category for another and keeping the rest of the line intact; so as long as there is a category on the line the system has what is required for later procurement activities.  

    However that inability to change an item or procurement category on a line is not unique to PRs and you will also find it on the other procurement documents (PO & RFQ).  When the user saves or confirms the document, the item or category are committed and can't be changed.  There may be an underlying reason (data integrity?) that explains this behavior; some information is initialised on creation that probably not be updated by changing the category.  I do not know what solution you have in mind, but may be consider a new function for copying and replacing the line to leverage from the standard line creation process and avoid potential pitfalls.

  • Ana1402 Profile Picture
    Ana1402 25 on at
    RE: Edit procurement category for rejected purchase requisition line

    Hello Will,

    Actually that's not my question.

    I'm interesting if anyone has experience with customizing PRs to allow changing procurement category for already created PR lines.



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    WillWU Profile Picture
    WillWU 22,344 on at
    RE: Edit procurement category for rejected purchase requisition line

    Hi partner,

    I think it is very unsafe to keep PR in draft status,  and should not save time on this point.

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