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Batch job stuck in execution state in Ax 2012 R3

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I am facing an issue in AX 2012 R3 , that workflow suddenly stopped in Production environment as it was working fine before. I checked the batch jobs and found that some jobs were stuck in execution state. Once I cancelled the batch job which are stuck in execution state the workflow works fine. That batch job run on daily basis, but we cannot cancel that job every time, Once this job stuck in execution state then no other job executed. I have performed the following activities to overcome this issue but no luck. 

1. Checked ax server configuration 

2. checked batch server

3. Check batch group assign to batch server

4. Restart AOS and Sql services

5. Check Deadlock from Sql Activity monitor tool, but there was no deadlock.

Here is the description of the batch job which stuck in execution state "Create a scheduled task that will execute the batch transfer of subledger journal entries." .

I also go through the class which was using behind this job. But I didn't find anything or any custom code there. Its a standard class named "ProdReceiptFinalizationController"

Any idea how to solve this issue?

  • Muhammad_Zaki Profile Picture
    Muhammad_Zaki 15 on at
    RE: Batch job stuck in execution state in Ax 2012 R3

    Hi Ramit,

    Thanks for your response.

    How can I stop this batch job? Here is the batch transfer rule in GL Parameters.



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    Ramit Paul Profile Picture
    Ramit Paul 18,383 Super User on at
    RE: Batch job stuck in execution state in Ax 2012 R3


    Why do you need this batch? What is your batch transfer rule in gl parameter?

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