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Manual Release of Sales Order

Posted on by 817

I am trying to create a Sales Order that will only release when the user checks the Order Released checkbox and then clicks Finish.

In Order Types, I have unchecked Invoke Automatically and remove the AutoRelease under Procedure Name as prompted. The rest of the steps I did not change from the default SO type.

When I enter an order and check the Order Released checkbox and then click Finish, the Shipper is not created.  I checked the log and it says 'Create Shipper' not next step on Sales Order.

I tried creating a next step of Create Shipper but nothing has worked yet in the setup to get it to create the shipper.

Any suggestions?  Thanks! 

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    RojPais 30 on at
    RE: Manual Release of Sales Order

    This helped me out. Thank you!

  • RE: Manual Release of Sales Order

    Hi TKNOW:

    Please try to do the following:

    1.  Set Order type behavior tab to check the Manual Release Required option

    2.  The Order Step Release Order should be set to Required and invoke Automatically and also have the ADG_AutoRelease_Order in the procedure name.

    The Sales Order will not release until you go to the Other tab on the SO and select the Order Released Checkbox and Save and finish the order, Then the Release Order step fires and moves it on its way.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Manual Release of Sales Order

    Hi TKNOW

    I think there is a misunderstand here, "Order Released indicates that the order has been manually released"  it's mean that an order will be automatic check that box when it was released by manual. So I think you should use "Order Details Approved" to solve your issue.

  • tknow Profile Picture
    tknow 817 on at
    RE: Manual Release of Sales Order


    I did as you described.  I checked the Manual Release Required and the Enter Shipper was already set to Bypass.  The shipper was still created prior to manually releasing the order.  I then change Release Order to Bypass and remove the Procedure name and tried again.  The Shipper still created automatically without manually releasing the order.

    Now, if I go back to the Order (which is still Open) and make any changes the Shipper is not updated.  I had expected an additional Shipper to be created for the difference I made but nothing yet.

    Any other suggestions?

  • RE: Manual Release of Sales Order

    Hi TKNOW,

    In order to accomplish what you have described, the only change I made on the SO order type is to check the Manual Release Required checkbox on the Order Types screen.  The Enter Shipper step is set to Bypass.

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