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Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order

Posted on by 125

Hi All,

We have a MO that is in released state and needs to be cancelled. All reverse issue / reverse allocate transactions done.

However, unable to change status to cancelled. The picklist shows one item as issued, and that does not appear for Reverse Issue or Reverse Allocate options on Component Trx Entry. However, on choosing Issue, that item does not appear in the list.

Any help on this would be appreciated. Using GP 10.



  • Suggested answer
    CU06071043-0 Profile Picture
    CU06071043-0 6 on at
    Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order
    Based on the search results, there are a few potential reasons why you might be unable to cancel a Manufacturing Order (MO) in Microsoft Dynamics GP, and some possible solutions:
    1. Pending Component Transactions:
      If there are pending component transactions, you may receive an error message stating "This Manufacturing Order has a Pending Component Transaction". This can occur due to:
    • Unposted picking documents for the MO
    • Pending quantities in the MOP1400 table that are unsupported by data in other manufacturing tables
    To resolve this:
    • Use an SQL query to identify and post any unposted picking documents
    • If necessary, update the MOP1400 table to clear pending quantities
    1. Linked Sales Orders:
      If the MO is linked to a sales order, you may not be able to cancel it directly. In this case, you have two options:
    a) Keep the manufacturing orders:
    • Remove the link between the MO and the sales order item using the Manufacturing Sales Item Detail window
    • Use the MOP/SOP Xref window to remove the connection
    • Then try to cancel the MO
    b) Cancel the manufacturing orders:
    • Use the Manufacturing Order Entry window
    • Change the MO status to "Canceled"
    1. Reverse Transactions:
      Ensure that all reverse issue and reverse allocate transactions have been completed for the MO. If there are any remaining issued items that don't appear for reverse transactions, this may prevent cancellation.
    2. Labor Reversal:
      If labor has been recorded for the MO, you may need to reverse it before canceling:
    • Go to Transactions > Manufacturing > WIP > Data Collection
    • Use the reversing labor option in this window
    1. Quantity Shortages:
      Check if there are any remaining quantity shortages on the MO components. These may need to be addressed before cancellation is possible.
    If you've tried these steps and are still unable to cancel the MO, it may be necessary to consult with Microsoft Dynamics GP support for further assistance, as there could be specific data inconsistencies or other issues preventing the cancellation.
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    Elizabeth Hodge Profile Picture
    Elizabeth Hodge 162 on at
    Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order
    The "answer" below looks like it's missing info because it doesn't really say anything.  I had this same problem and was finally able to get around it by using the "Edit MO Status"  window from the GoTo button:
  • J-R Profile Picture
    J-R 125 on at
    RE: Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order

    Thank you very much Richard. Now I only need to convince the accounting guy and I'm through with this one.

  • Verified answer
    Richard Whaley Profile Picture
    Richard Whaley 25,195 on at
    RE: Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order

    Yes, that was the suggestion. There are a large number of tables in manufacturing and if one gets out of sync with others, reconcile does not always help.

  • J-R Profile Picture
    J-R 125 on at
    RE: Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order

    Richard, Are you suggesting that we Close the MO in the current state?

  • J-R Profile Picture
    J-R 125 on at
    RE: Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order

    Hi Richard, thanks a lot for the help.

    Production for this MO was cancelled, and everything else was successfully reverse issued.

    There is only this one item that shows 'Iss.' in the picklist but does not appear in the reverse issue option (or any other option) for the Component Transaction Entry window.

    The $ amount is not significant, so I wouldn't mind losing it if there was a way to resolve this. Can this be edited out through SQL? Or is there any other way?



  • Richard Whaley Profile Picture
    Richard Whaley 25,195 on at
    RE: Unable to cancel Manufacturing Order

    Cancellation can only occur under some specific circumstances.  All issued materials must be reverse issued or consumed, for example.  Cancellation by itself has no financial postings so all costs (labor and overhead included) need to be out of the MO.

    1.  Look at the MO Variance Inquiry to see if there are any costs in WIP that have not been consumed.  If there are costs, drill down (click on the materials link if the costs are materials, click on the labor link if the costs are labor, etc) to see where the costs originated and reverse them if possible.

    2.  Were any finished items completed? and received into inventory?  If so, you cannot cancel the order.

    3.  If all else fails, close the MO.  Some financial posting will occur.  These dollars can be reclassed but be careful.  You do NOT want to return these dollars to WIP (as there will be no matching MO in WIP for the dollars) nor to Inventory Asset as there are no items in inventory to match them.

    BTW...we have several books on manufacturing now in our collection.  Visit our web site and look for Product Engineering and Shop Operations

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