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What is Process Execution Time?

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I have a Workflow that has this logic:

If Process-Execution Time is > Begin Date (Date Only), then Stop Workflow and display error:  Your Begin Date cannot be before Today.

My question is, what value is in Process-Execution Time; does it include the Date and Time?  And does it compare to the Begin Date? 

This workflow keeps failing if the Begin Date = Today, so I'm thinking I'm not understanding the Process Execution TIme.

My need is to ensure the user hasn't accidentally selected a date before today.


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    Wendel 105 on at
    RE: What is Process Execution Time?

    The first option is correct. Process Execution Time is the "current time" at the moment that it is applied. So if you start a Workflow on May 1st and wait for 25 days to update a datefield with the Process Execution Time then the value of the field will become May 26th.

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    RZP 85 on at
    RE: What is Process Execution Time?

    What if the process has a wait 25 days statement.  Does the Process Execution time change or does it contain the date of when the process was initiated?

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    tpeschat 4,926 on at
    RE: What is Process Execution Time?


    process execution time contains date and time when the process has been executed.

    See e.g. Hosks blog post to set a field to current date and time using process execution time:

    In your case, have you already tried to define your process the opposite way?

    If begin date is smaller then process execution time then display error.

    Hth Thomas

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: What is Process Execution Time?

    as far as I know, the process execution time is 'Now', so if you are comparing it with only the date of 'Begin Date' it will compare to '00:00' hour of today, so it will always be 'higher'.

    I hope it helps.

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