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Very new to Power Automate combined with Dynamics - an intro and some general questions if I may

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Good morning, Afternoon, evening all.


I'm Dan, from the UK, and (This sounds like a self help sessions!) have been tasked with looking at using Power Automate predominantly to try and remove a load of manual tasks from their day to day life.


Firstly to save them loads of time, and make sure things are done in a timely manner, and also vastly reduces the chances of human error.


I spent some time with one of the highly skilled developers last autumn, or fall if you prefer, but due to work commitments since then have not been able to put much into practice.


I did start it just before Christmas, but I have to be honest I've been feeling pretty under pressure, and like I was getting nowehre fast - inflaming the situation is that we are all working from home remotely currently, where as in the old world I would and could have sat down with my manager/colleagues and friends and tried to bounce some ideas around to make some progress.


Instead I have been trying my best at home (Which is my own fault) and not getting anywhere as far along as I would like - I'm still on my first flow!


I spent 2.5 hours this afternoon with my manager this afternoon which was REALLY useful, so good to have a 2nd pair of eyes, plus he has a lot of dynamics experience, as well as the workflows in Dynamics, and these seem to be along the same lines construction wise.


I guess I'm asking if there are any failsafe, or goto methods you guys and gals use, that help you in the day to day creation of flows.


I have over 100 to create, but suspect a lot of them will be fairly similar format wise, so many can be created from a template, with a few alterations, but at the moment I am starting from nothing.


My biggest challenge currently is probably fairly basic, trying to figure out what Actions to use in the flow - is there a reliable one for 'getting data' out of the dynamics system?

The developer I spoke with said you had to perform a get data action or actions, and then you could refer to these in subsequent steps when you wanted to pull certain values back, such as contact e-mail details for example.


To give some idea of what my first task is:


We have a property sales form - when 3 of these fields (Adverturllink = notnull, advertdate = notnull, advertlisted = yes) have the value updated/populated, we want the system to pick this up, generate an e-mail to come from a generic inbox, and then e-mail the current property owner from a template to say that the listing is live, and here is the URL etc.


Has anyone created e-mail templates within Dynamics, and then know how to reference them within the Flow, presumably there is some kind of template identifier by which you can call the template, but perhaps I need to perform a get data beforehand to give me access.


Sorry if this is all a bit of a jumble and a brain dump, and this may all be too much all at once, but feeling a bit more optimistic after todays session, and wanted to see if I could further my good mood!


Thank you in advance,



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    Dan_B 55 on at
    RE: Very new to Power Automate combined with Dynamics - an intro and some general questions if I may

    Just to add, I have done some more research today, and it looks like the common data service or connection may be what I need.

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