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NAV transition to BC SaaS with CRM Sales Connector running

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I wanted to know if we had a procedure for setting up the D365 Business central (SaaS), Dataverse & CRM Sales connector with this case defined below:

Initial scope: Connector between NAV (Onprem) & CRM Sales in SaaS: Currently in production.

Destination scope: Transition from NAV to BC SaaS with reinstallation of the connector on CRM Sales which remains as it is.

We imagine that it is necessary a priori to delete and or launch a purge procedure of the dataverse tables on the CRM in order to restart the connector between the new central business base in SaaS.

Do you have any idea about this procedure?

Thank you for your potential feedback.

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    JessicaWade 5 on at
    RE: NAV transition to BC SaaS with CRM Sales Connector running

    Based on your statement, it seems like you are looking for guidance on setting up the D365 Business Central (SaaS), Dataverse, and CRM Sales connector in a specific scenario. The initial scope involves connecting NAV (Onprem) with CRM Sales in SaaS, which is already in production. The destination scope is to transition from NAV to BC SaaS while reinstalling the connector on CRM Sales.

    Considering your requirements, it is likely necessary to perform certain steps before restarting the connector between the new Business Central base in SaaS. One potential procedure could involve deleting or purging the Dataverse tables on the CRM in order to start fresh with the new setup.

    To proceed with this procedure, it would be advisable to consult the documentation or support resources provided by Microsoft or the respective vendors of the software you are using. They would have specific instructions and best practices for migrating from NAV to Business Central SaaS and managing the connector with SaaS CRM Software.

    It's important to follow the recommended procedures to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any data inconsistencies or disruptions in your system. If you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, I suggest reaching out to the appropriate support channels provided by Microsoft or your software vendors. They will be best equipped to provide you with accurate and up-to-date guidance tailored to your specific environment.

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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 59,844 Super User on at
    RE: NAV transition to BC SaaS with CRM Sales Connector running

    Hi, If you are using the CRM SaaS version, you should be able to connect directly to the BC SaaS. But this may require to turn off your Dynamics 365 Sales integration, to turn it on again you must connect through Dataverse.

    Hope the following helps.



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    Andy Sather Profile Picture
    Andy Sather on at
    RE: NAV transition to BC SaaS with CRM Sales Connector running


    If you don't get further responses to this issue, you may want to raise a support request to Microsoft support via your CSP / Partner.

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