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ItelSwitch and Itel Dialer with 24/7 Monitoring

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

ItelSwitch has the fastest Call Connectivity and Supports upto 5000 Concurrent Calls. Now we are giving 24/7 Server Monitoring and E-Mail Alert Service for Your Server for FREE. (for iTelSwicth and for all other Servers also for FREE) This service helps you to Monitor all your Servers from a single user friendly web interface. It will also sends E-Mail alert on all kinds of Server issues, example Website down, Server Down, Drive full etc. You can check this Demo to see how it works. Login Name: Gireesh Password: Nano123Walk (Plese send an email to to setup your 24/7 Server Monitoring and E-Mail Alert Service for all your servers. It is a FREE Service for all our customers. Itel Dialer is the best Antiblock Dialer with Bytesaver. Works in 99.9% of VOIP Blocked areas. Also saves 75% BandWidth usage, and works very good in low BandWidth Areas. Each iTel Dialer has its own Bytesaver. Butesaver is not shared between iTel Dialers at all. Each Bytesaver has 40 Different IP from 40 different Class C IP address, and it is configured to rotate IPs when ever a block occurs. 8 Core 8 GB Cloud ItelSwitch 150 CC $89/Month Rent. 8 Core 8 GB Dedicated ItelSwitch 300 CC $119/Month Rent. 1000 CR Bytesaver and all 6 iTel Dialers with 40 IP $99/Month Rent. 8 Core 8 GB Cloud Server for 150 CC VoipSwitch $59/Month Rent. 8 Core 8 GB Dedicated Server for 300 CC VoipSwitch 250 CC $89/Month Rent.

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