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Vendor Maintenance

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Is there a way to require approvals when new vendors are set so that they can’t be paid until approved?  My client would like to be able to make sure the vendors are setup correctly prior to paying any voucher.  I know reports can be run but they are wanting to automate the process a bit more.



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    RE: Vendor Maintenance

    Recently I developed a solution for this kind of proble for a customer.
    Every time a vendor is created or any data is modified the customization stores the old data and the new data on a historic table, and change the satatus of the vendor to hold. At the same time one email is send to one or many users that you configure to approve this changes, on the body email exists a button link to accept o reject the changes, if the user accepts the changes automatically changes the status to active, but if the user rejects the changes automatically the system reverts the changes or leave the new vendor on hold.

    This solution use customizations and a wcf web service hosted on iis. If you're interested I can show you a demo.

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    RE: Vendor Maintenance


    I am not sure if this would be sufficient or not but, if a new vendor's status is set to Hold then they do not show on the payment selection screen or the edit/select documents for payment screen nor are they selected for payment, even with outstanding vouchers, during payment selection by pay date.  So, if the rule is that new vendors have to be placed on Hold status and the approver changes the status to Active, you would have that control.  If you needed new vendors to automatically go on hold status when entered by a non-approving user, and your client has Customization Manager, you could do a customization to default status to Hold on a new vendor and not allow the non-approving user to change the status.

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