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Looking for "definitive" self-paced Dynamics 365 BC Certification Training Content

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The above is all I can find for /self-paced/ MB-800 exam study/prep.
I've completed all modules over the past 2 weeks, earned all badges/trophies after completing each modules /Knowledge Check/ but is this all there is to know to be prepared for certification exam MB-800?
I ask as when I look further to ensure I'm not missing anything needing to study and be exam ready, I came across this page.
When you filter the left hand side to PRODUCT /Dynamics 365/ and then /Business Central/ and ROLES filter to /Functional Consultant/ it shows way more content that's NOT listed as study details on the previous official exam prep page.
I really don't want to miss any details in preparation for this, nor do i want to waste initial time studying details that aren't specifically relevant to the exam. Any guidance is appreciated.