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Cost of Goods Sold

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I'm suddenly having issues with COGS account. When selling parts that are purchased, the COGS is going in and out correctly, but when an item is assembled from a BOM the value is not going in to COGS. It used to be fine, but now is not working. As far as I can see there hasn't been any change to our settings, and it isn't item specific as it happens on most of the assembled items.

Anyone seen this issue or know what might be happening?


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    TWBlaisdell Profile Picture
    TWBlaisdell on at
    RE: Cost of Goods Sold

    Hello STA Tim,

    Thank you for posting on the Microsoft Dynamics Community Forum for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

    My first question - If you run Adjust Cost - Item Entries and then run Post Inventory Cost to G/L, does the Cost of Goods Sold post for the entries for Assembly Items?

    In Inventory Setup, are the checkboxes (Boolean flags) selected for Expected Cost Posting and Automatic Cost Posting?  Also, what is the option for Automatic Cost Adjustment? 

    A review of the Item Card > Costs & Posting Tab after selecting Show All will reflect the flag for Cost is Posted to G/L.  Does that show TRUE (ON)?

    After that, you would review the Item Ledger Entries and Value Entries to make sure that Value is recorded in the Cost Amount (Actual) Column and confirm that the Cost Posted to G/L is populated.  

    These are some key things to confirm.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,


  • STA Tim Profile Picture
    STA Tim 35 on at
    RE: Cost of Goods Sold

    Hello Marco

    It is SaaS and I can't find build number, but here is the version info if that helps

    Version: W1 16.2 (Platform 16.0.13440.14202 + Application 16.2.13509.13619


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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Cost of Goods Sold


    What release of BC is this? OnPrem or SaaS and what build?


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