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Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi, I'm new to the world of D365. I'm going through MS Learn and the MS Docs site, and I'm finding the documentation is really lacking in detail. For example, in the learning module here, Create Workers , it mentions

Override on the worker

Implementing certain operations to require manager override are configured by using the POS Operations functionality. The Manager privileges security setting is used for this action. It is also required for a user to activate an Store Commerce for Windows or Store Commerce for Browsers device.

In viewing the POS Operations page, I am guessing that each of the Permission IDs (e,g, Void transaction - 1001) relates to a different toggle in the POS Permissions page. 

The documentation offers no explanation of this field, and also no way to readily identify which Permission ID matches Manager override. 

I'm looking for real, detailed, technical documentation of the D365 solution. Can anyone help?

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Technical / in-depth Commerce documentation

    Thanks for the reply - I've had a browse through the Tech Talks and they seem to cover a lot of ground. I'll try and work my way through them...

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    RE: Technical / in-depth Commerce documentation

    Thanks for the reply :)

    I will try looking in AX2012 from now. Even if it doesn't match exactly, it may give some better context.

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    Jritz 281 on at
    RE: Technical / in-depth Commerce documentation

    Ah, I see I'm not the only one pained by the lack of depth with the documentation. I've found that any Tech Talks on the subject matter run by MS usually offer greater granularity than the documentation. I'd suggest that as a starting point.

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    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,139 Super User on at
    RE: Technical / in-depth Commerce documentation

    Unfortunately, that is what is available from MS. I haven't seen any publicly available guide with a deeper explanation. One way legacy way how you can learn is to, try the Contoso demo environment which has most of the features configured even though it cannot tell you you need to configure this.. this to achieve this...this.

    Note: Sometimes I find some topics are better explained in AX 2012 R3 documentation (Microsoft docs and Learn) than D365 Commerce. When you search for a query related to try googling "Payment Methods in Dynamics" instead of "Payment methods in Dynamics 365", you might get lucky sometimes.

    AX2012 Documentation:  

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