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Unlicensed users showing in Enabled Users

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Hi all

I've noticed that in our Enabled users pane in D365 (wave 2 2020) we have most of our users showing, however most of those don't have a license assigned in O365 admin settings. 

Any ideas why this might be?

Is there a way to disable them from within D365 without removing them from O365?


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    Tessacq 285 on at
    RE: Unlicensed users showing in Enabled Users


    I had the same issue and I discovered it is related with the security role specified on the environment, or on this case the lack of it.

    If when creating the environment you don't specify any security role, it will create every user in Office 365 as a user in Dynamics 365, it is not related with the Dynamics 365 license.

    Scenario 1: You leave Security Role blank -> all user in AD are created in Dynamics as enabled.

    Scenario 2: You select a security role during creation of the environment -> Only the users on that security group are added.

    Scenario 3: You create the environment and leave security group empty, but then you modify the settings and add a security group. -> The users that are not part of that security group are disabled.

    Please know that although Microsoft calls it Security Groups, they are not, they are email alias.


    When you don't specify a security group, it creates almost every enabled and licensed employee in Office 365 as an employee in Dynamics, although I still haven't figured out the exact rule. Two users with the same licenses, one was created while the other no. 

    I also found this document

    I hope it helps.



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    Mahadeo Matre 17,021 on at
    RE: Unlicensed users showing in Enabled Users

    Also check this thread

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    Ana Pereira on at
    RE: Unlicensed users showing in Enabled Users


    most probably the users have or

    1- Flow free license

    2 - E and F subscriptions

    Recent (July)changes in the entitlement of Office 365 E3/F1 subscriptions. When Common Data Service plan was added to these subscriptions, the users with this license were automatically synchronized into the organizations, and showing up on active users view, even if  they cannot sign in because they don't have a security role and a valid license, 

    Therefore removing the license or the Common Data Service plan can be an option


    , if not, then the alternative is to assign a security group to the environments through the Power Platform Admin Center.

    I hope it helps!:)

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