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Enable order completion issue

Posted on by 517

Hi All,

We have set call center as retail channel where we we have enabled order completion. This allows the call center order to be modified even after it got invoiced. User just needs to modify and complete the order again.

We also have website as a retail store created in D365FO retail and it does not have this option to enable order completion. We have a need were backoffice person should be able to modify this website sales orders similar to call center sales orders.

I tried to enable this field for website from SQL script. But somehow D365FO doesn't seem to apply this change and hence I am not able to modify this order.

Also, One more issue we face is that sometimes website orders misses the payment due to any issue from payment processor side and order comes without payment in dynamics and somehow gets invoiced without payment which we don't want. Hence someone from call center should be able to select that sales order and modify it and then process the payment again and invoice the order again. 

Can someone please suggest the solution here?

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    Mohsin Ahmed Profile Picture
    Mohsin Ahmed 27 on at
    Enable order completion issue
    Enable feature "Omni-channel Commerce order payments" in Feature management, this will let you edit the payment and modify the order created through POS and e-commerce.
    Mohsin A
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    Ramune Profile Picture
    Ramune on at
    RE: Enable order completion issue

    Hi Vikky,

    the user which wants to modify sales order in HQ - this user should be Call center user. Otherwise if this is not the option for you, you would need to think about customization.

    Regarding missing payments for online store orders - the process in standard is that order is not getting created when some payment is not completed/validated. The process in your case I think should be the same - you should not allow to invoice order if payment is not completed. But as you use third party solution and some integration - it depends on your business requirements how you handle that.

    I will leave this for the community to answer. Let's see if anybody has experienced the same and can advise for you anything.

  • VRD Profile Picture
    VRD 517 on at
    RE: Enable order completion issue

    Hi Ramune,

    Thanks for your response.

    Below are my comments for each of your questions.

    1. Third party solution.

    2. our own .NET API solution using Standard Retail SDK assemblies

    3. As it is using Retail SDK, All sales orders are all marked as 'Retail Orders' and they appear in Store Transactions screen.

    4. We post them using standard retail statement posting batch job.

    ~ Vikky

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    Ramune Profile Picture
    Ramune on at
    RE: Enable order completion issue

    Hi Vikky,

    we would need some more details on what exactly you are trying to do with website sales orders.

    - Website store is a standard Microsoft online store or a third party solution?

    - How do you get sales orders created in HQ for Website store? Using standard features or your own solution?

    - When you get sales order for Website store created in HQ, is it marked as 'Retail order'?

    - How do you post the invoice for sales orders? In Batch or each order manually?

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