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Automated Testing: Test Import file

Posted on by 525

I want to write automated test for the following scenario:
- In one of the custom pages, there is action 'Import File'. When the action is invoked, we uplodad an excel file which is then parsed and data is saved.
How can I test this functionality?
Thanks in anticiapation!


Mohsin Abbas 

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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Automated Testing: Test Import file

    Thank you for sharing final solution. Glad you found it!

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    Mohsin Abbas Profile Picture
    Mohsin Abbas 525 on at
    RE: Automated Testing: Test Import file

    Figured it out myself:

    When you have to test any functionality that involves uploading a file, upon the test execution, the test tool prompts us to upload the file against which we need to test the functionality. So, no Handler functions are required and file should be uploaded in run time(These were two main confusions I had when I was looking for a solution).

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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Automated Testing: Test Import file


    We currently do not have dedicated Dev support via the Dynamics 365 Business Central forums which is probably the reason for the lack of responses, but I wanted to provide you some additional resources to assist.  If you need assistance with debugging or coding I would recommend discussing this on one of our communities.

    I will open this up to the community in case they have something to add.

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