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Commerce - maximum rounding amount

Posted on by 82

Hi all! 

I experience from time to time that a transaction statement stops because of a error message like this: 
While processing the state Aggregated, generic exception encountered in retail statement "1234-56789" in the controller : The rounding amount '16,00' is more than the allowed '5,00' for store 1234

I know that I can adjust the Maximum rounding amount on the relevant store to fix the statement, but I'm not quite sure where this rounding amount is coming from?

Can anyone try to explain how rounding amounts works? :) 

Best regards, 


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    Shafeeque Mohammed Profile Picture
    Shafeeque Mohammed 6,146 Super User on at
    RE: Commerce - maximum rounding amount

    The rounding amount can come if there is a difference between sales and payment in a transaction. This can come for mostly if have enabled rounding for a particular payment method.

    If you have configured to round to nearest 0.25 or 1.00 and if you are seeing big rounding amount say 150 for a store with 50 transactions or you are seeing a rounding of 10 in a single transaction, there is an issue. This can mostly occur if a user is able to close a transaction(due to bugs) on POS, without collecting a payment that is equal or greater than the sales amount. Any difference between the sales and payment will be recorded as rounding.

    If this helped you, I'd appreciate it if you'd mark this as a Verified Answer, which may in turn help others as well.

  • nunomaia Profile Picture
    nunomaia 10,684 Super User on at
    RE: Commerce - maximum rounding amount

    For example you have generate differences due to payments and currency exchange rates, it can be related to many factors  

  • Mats K. Profile Picture
    Mats K. 82 on at
    RE: Commerce - maximum rounding amount

    Hi Will,

    Unfortunately, the thread doesn't tell how the rounding works..


  • WillWU Profile Picture
    WillWU 22,344 on at
    RE: Commerce - maximum rounding amount

    Hi partner,

    Please have a look at the thread:

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