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SL2015CU2 FED4 anomaly

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I’ve a client recently upgraded to SL2015CU2 from SL2011FP1. She’s run into an issue in Payroll that didn’t occur prior to the upgrade.

In their day to day operations, they advance travel expenses to traveling employees. At the end of each week, the employee turns receipts to accounting. If the total of the receipts is less than the amount advanced, the balance is taken back from their next payroll check as a deduction (named SHORT) in the Review/Edit Checks screen. However, when the system recalculates the check, it calculates a value for FED4 (FUTA) even if the employee has reached the $7,000 max for the deduction. However, it does NOT adjust the YTD total (at least on the screen). She’s going to go ahead and process payroll to see if it actually takes the deduction for FUTA.

As noted above, this did not happen in SL2011. Looking at the setups for the deductions involved (both FED4 and the SHORT,) there is no difference in the two systems. Has anyone else run into similar issues? Is this a bug (I’m thinking so) or does a change need to be made to the deductions?

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    RE: SL2015CU2 FED4 anomaly


    Thank you for posting to this on the forum. I am sorry for the delay in replying.

    It is suspected that you are running into a couple of BUGs that have been corrected in CU2 HF 38569.

    It looks like your client is editing deduction amounts in the 02.030.00 screen, if this is the case, then it’s probably one of the bugs fixed in this HF bundle.  A couple of the bugs address a deduction that has already met the maximum deduction amount for the year will be calculated (the maximum subject earnings or maximum deduction amount are ignored) when editing deductions in the review/edit screen.  Bug 38569 is the latest of these and includes all the bug fixes prior that address this issue, so my suggestion would be to just download and apply the CU2 hotfix for bug 38569.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you,


    MSDSL Technical Support

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