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Application Server on Hyper-V Win 7 Machine

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I have an App Server running on a Win 7 VM.  Jobs summitted to the App Server do not run for TI input screens.  For example, OM Confirm Shipments act this way:

Job starts, say 12:45 When I arrive at the office and RDP to the VM, immediately the screens start to open and the TI runs to completion.  The log display on the screen showsthe job start and the screen open, see below.

06/07/2012  12:46:03 AM  29544 close ce final       Beginning processing of Transaction Import request                                                                                                 
06/07/2012  08:41:35 AM  29544 close ce final       Processed Screen: 4011700      

The App Server will run processesl like Age AR and will produce a report. App Servers running on a physical desktop will run the same job without delays.

Does anyone have App Server running on a VM with TI? Any ideas?

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    Re: Application Server on Hyper-V Win 7 Machine

    That's 26 pages deeper in the manual than I have ever read!  Just kidding, but I have not reopened it with this problem.  

    Anyone, if you know, please answer.  I use the same procedure to 'Disconnect' from a physical machine and the VMs.  The physical machines will process the TI jobs and the VM does not.  Is there a setting in Hyper V to not lock the console on disconnect so the jobs will run?  


  • Re: Application Server on Hyper-V Win 7 Machine

    Hi Richard,

    I'm inclined to believe that you are unlocking the machine when you remote into it.  The machine must be unlocked to process TI requests.  This information can be found in the Application Server user guide on page 27.  Please let me know if this seems to apply to your situation.

    "For security reasons, consider locking the console of the computer you have set up to process Application Server requests. Since the Application Server needs to be running to process most requests, locking its console will help ensure that unwelcome access does not occur. The Application Server console must be unlocked only to process Transaction Import requests."

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