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Form customisation

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I'm adding a JS to the CRM form that should do 3 things: 

1. Should hide an option set value (180560002) while creating a new record. 

2. Should hide option set value from the existing record if the option set value != 180560002, to prevent users from updating it to that option.

3. Should show the option set value if the record already exists in CRM for value = 180560002.

Currently, my JS is doing the first two things correctly but it is also clearing the option set value from the record that already exists with contact type = 180560002


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    RE: Form customisation

    Hi Prajwal Bhetwal,

    Amira Beldjilali's answer is correct.

    To get a field's value, please use formContext.getAttribute("boq_contacttype").getValue();

    attribute.getValue (Client API reference) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

    So your code should be like this:

    function removeOption(executionContext)
    	var formContext = executionContext.getFormContext();
    	var contacttype = formContext.getControl("boq_contacttype");
    	var contacttypevalue = formContext.getAttribute("boq_contacttype").getValue();
    	var formtype = formContext.getFormType();
    	if(formtype == 1){
    	}else if(formtype == 2 || formtype == 3){
    		if(contacttypevalue != 180560002){

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    RE: Form customisation


    You need to get the value of the attribute to compare



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    RE: Form customisation

    You can only delete a post you made if there has been no reply. So keep this post and delete remaining 3 other posts.


    Girish S.

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    Prajwal Bhetwal 65 on at
    RE: Form customisation

    under action I can only see edit and report.. how do i delete it?

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    GirishS 27,799 Super User on at
    RE: Form customisation

    Hi Prajwal Bhetwal,

    You have created 3 duplicate posts. Please delete them.


    Girish S.

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