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Customer credit limit per agreement

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Hello everyone,

I have set the parameter "Credit limit per agreement" = True in Credit and collection parameters. Additionally, credit limit is checked both on orders and on free text invoice.


Then I've set credit limit for customer (for example, total credit limit = 10 000 USD). There are 2 agreements - one for USD orders and another for EUR.

I've set credit limits for both agreements: 9000 - USD and 500 - EUR.

In this case, I can post sales orders even when the USD credit limit is exceeded. 

1) Sales order 1, total amount 8950 USD - posted

2) Saler order 2, total amount 100 - posted, credit limit is -50.

I have one blocking rule that looks like this:


Does this rule apply only for the total customer credit limit? How can I block the orders under the USD contract when the credit limit of this particular contract is exceeded? I believed that this would work this way: I would be able to continue posting EUR orders but USD would go to credit management.

Anyway, after USD credit limit went below zero EUR limit wasn't changed. Shouldn't it have decreased? (Because -50 USD should have been "taken" from the total credit limit and affect the amount of EUR credit).

I would be very grateful to any tip. 

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    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,914 Super User on at
    RE: Customer credit limit per agreement

    Hi Kseniya,

    Thanks for updating the question with your own solution. I have verified your reply to set the status of the question to answered.

  • Verified answer
    Kseniya Profile Picture
    Kseniya 55 on at
    RE: Customer credit limit per agreement

    Sorry, it was solved :) I had to set the parameters "Mandatory credit limit" and "Exclude from credit management" to achieve the desired result. (I actually didn't want to block the orders, just wanted to prevent them from posting).

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