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Deployment Practices

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We have a main solution “Solution_Main” in our Dynamics instance. This is the solution that is also tied to our source control and this is the same and only solution that gets deployed to our UAT and Prod environments via Azure Pipelines. Solution_Main is an unmanaged solution in our Development environment but it gets imported as Managed in our uat and live environments. We are running into few issues now that are not very easy to resolve. One is that our deployments are taking longer and longer each time which is understandable as the solution size is increasing. However the more immediate problem is because we have a large team and different developers are working on different projects. Now the work can be at varying stages of progress and sometimes not fit for deployment. However since everything is being worked in 1 solution, sometimes work has had to be rolled back! There is also the issue of keeping things tied to source control (we are using VSTS for this). Could deployment via solution patching solve our problems? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts to address this and create a better deployment lifecycle.

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    RE: Deployment Practices

    Hi John,

    A solution becomes very large as the modifications and developments are made. A huge solution can take up to 20 minutes to import. In this context, the use of patches will considerably improve your delivery process.

    On the other hand, I have never experienced this process of deployment using devops.

    Please, refer to this thread. It will  help you with the DevOps part:

    Apparently, the patch will be applied automatically in the future..

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