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Why am I not seeing the expected columns in the Quick Find View?

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According to this article, the Quick Find View is "the default view used when searches are performed using Quick Find. This view also defines which fields are searched when using search capabilities of Quick Find and Lookup views."

I am exploring the default Quick Find View for the entity Account, by selecting the following record:


 ... and I see that there are the following columns:


Now, when I perform a search through the Quick Find feature, the search results are displayed differently, the columns are different from the previous ones:


As you can see in the pictures above:

Account Name  |   Main Phone  |  Address 1  |  Primary Contact  |  Email    <------  columns in the search results

Account Name  |   Account Number  |   Primary Contact  |  Address 1  |  Main Phone  |  Email   <------  expected columns (according to the default Quick Find View)

Why are the columns different from the expected ones? 

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    RE: Why am I not seeing the expected columns in the Quick Find View?


    Thank you for your query.

    With the "Release 2020 Wave 1", a new feature is introduced "Search this View".

    Now you can search within the current view (instead of Quick Find), this means search context consists of current view columns.  

    If you notice the search bar above the view it says "Search this view" instead of "Search records":

    If you need, you can turn on the classic Quick Find:

    • Go to Advanced Settings -> Administration -> System Settings.
    • On the General tab, under Set up Search section, Select 'Yes' for Use Quick find view of an entity for searching on grids and sub-grids.

    Please note, this is a global setting, Quick Find will be turned on for all entities.

    Here is a very nice article about this:

    Now get better Quick Find search experience on grid with 2020 Release Wave 1 | Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Tips and Tricks (

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