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Field Level Security

Posted on by 765

I am trying to set field level security so that the Document Date and also the GL Posting Date field on the Receivables Trx Entry window are not editable.  We simply want those dates to default as they normally do, but the user should not be able to change them.  I am able to disable the Document Date field but cannot seem to control the GL Posting Date field.

I have tried to lock the field but that did not work either.

Any ideas what is preventing me from disabling the GL Posting Date field?  I need to set it so that the user is not able to change that date.



  • Mahmoud Saadi Profile Picture
    Mahmoud Saadi 32,736 on at
    RE: Field Level Security

    You are working absolutely right with nothing missing. Although, you need to take into consideration that not all the security modes (Password, Lock field, disable field .. etc) are available for a certain field of a certain window in a specific module, depending on the functionality and code of this window.

    Therefore, you may stick to the "Password" security mode as apparently other security modes (Lock and disable) fields are not working.

  • SergioN Profile Picture
    SergioN 930 on at
    RE: Field Level Security

    Hello there,

    Thank you for the answer, this exactly the process I follow, but while chosen the Security Mode on the "Field Security Maintenance" window as "Lock Field" or "Disable Field", this doesn't affect the Field required on the Manufacturing Order Entry form, in this case it is "Description"

    But when for example chosen the Security Mode as "Password before" for the same field, it does worked.

    Is there anything missing or any explanation of why these two options are not working?

    It will be great to hear from you on this.

    Best regards,

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    Josh P Profile Picture
    Josh P 2,895 on at
    RE: Field Level Security

    Just out of curiosity, why not if you want to require a batch, and post based on the document date, simply set this up in the "Posting" set up? You would require batch approval and post based on the transaction date.

    Then, it is a training issue to keep users from changing the document dates. If you need more control over it though, you are better off setting the field using VBA and modifier.

    With field level security, you need to set this for every user, and maintain it. With VBA, you make the change once, and you are done regardless of the users in the system.

  • Verified answer
    Mahmoud Saadi Profile Picture
    Mahmoud Saadi 32,736 on at
    RE: Field Level Security

    You could hide the GL Posting Date from the Receivable Batch Entry window, The steps are illustrated as follows;

    • Go to Field Level Security Maintenance Window, Configure  new Field Security ID's as shown below



    • Link the created Filed Security IDs to the required GP User.


    • Now, If you log in with the User selected above, you can see that the Document Date is disabled, While the GL Posting Date is hidden. (GL Posting Date depends on your Posting Setup such as; GL Posting Date from Batch or Transaction )


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