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Movement of Inventory & Finished Goods Vs. Quarientine Status

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We are working on setting up BC365, and it seems so many things are setup incorrectly for a manufacturing company and require more and more custom coding. 

Our ERP partner, and many internet searches are showing us that Quarantine (quality hold) must be setup as a "location" in the system. But in the real world, our operations do not run like this!  

In the real world, our finished goods come off the line, they are put away in various locations (in racking) immediately, and they are left on a quarantine/quality hold until they have been inspected. Quality inspection happens in the pallet racking where they are sitting, 2-3 days later. Why isn’t the quarantine status independent from the pallets location/movement? 

BC is requiring us to create a "fake" quality hold "location" where we are supposed to pile up 20-40 pallets per day, before they can actually be put away? Our quality release cannot happen for 2-3 business days (at least) after the Finished Goods are packaged. These 20-40 pallets per day are supposed to pile up in our work areas? This makes zero sense, these pallets would be put away twice, unnecessary work being created to manage BC. Further if quality issues occur later, we are supposed to move the pallets back to said "quality hold" location.

Right now (in our current system) our pallets can be left in our pallet racks (in the correct location), and they are placed on a quality hold (do not ship) status, no need for movement! No need for double the work! 

Is the above correct? 
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    Ben Baxter Profile Picture
    Ben Baxter 4,263 Super User on at
    Movement of Inventory & Finished Goods Vs. Quarientine Status
    The good news is this doesn't require customization, but it does require learning how BC handles inventory and movement of product.
    This is likely going to require you to turn on some advanced warehousing in your Location.  This would allow you to use Bin Type Codes.  After Production, the product can be put-away in your pallet racks, which would be setup with a Bin Type that doesn't allow Picking (aka not usable yet).  Then a movement would be created after the QC is complete to move the product to your inventory Bins, which have a Bin Type that allows Picking.
    You could also do something very similar with having your Production Order output to a Quarantine Location and a Transfer Order handles the movement to your Inventory Location.  Essentially both scenarios accomplish the same thing, but the separate Locations does not require the Bin Type Code, which is only available in Advanced Warehousing.  However, based on your post it doesn't seem you want to explore this option.
    I am sure there are many reasons you selected Business Central as your new ERP platform.  It is important to remember those reasons when you find that BC doesn't operate exactly like your old system.  Part of an ERP transition is learning some of the different ways systems handle processes and being willing to adapt to those differences.  You don't want to recreate your old system in the new ERP.
    I hope this information was helpful as you continue learning the warehouse capabilities within Business Central.
    Best Regards,
    Ben Baxter
    Accent Software Inc
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    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    Movement of Inventory & Finished Goods Vs. Quarientine Status
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