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Hide Commision Fields

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how do I hide commission percentage for salespeople not to view 

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    bcasas Profile Picture
    bcasas 25 on at
    RE: Hide Commision Fields

    I was able to figure out through ACS  no code needed


  • Tech-Lucky Profile Picture
    Tech-Lucky 794 on at
    RE: Hide Commision Fields

    You have 3 options to hide a field either you can do the code as people mentioned earlier or you can do it with the design option from the front end using design to remove a field will hide the field from all users and 3rd one is using personalization to remove a field will only limited to the current user who is using the personalization.

    See the below image the Design & Personalize options are available as below>>


    Please mark this answer as verified if it helps

  • bcasas Profile Picture
    bcasas 25 on at
    RE: Hide Commision Fields

    The page I am looking at is the Sales/Purchaser and purchaser card.  I want to hide this field so that the Salespeople don't see what other salespeople are making commission wise.


  • Govinda Kumar Profile Picture
    Govinda Kumar 2,197 Super User on at
    RE: Hide Commision Fields


    I'm not sure about the functionality specifically for salespeople, but you can hide a field using code by simply extending the page and setting the visibility condition to false for that field. Here's an example of how to do it..

    pageextension 50103 "Ext Page Name" extends "Your Page"
                Visible = false;

    If you tell me the specific scenario or page, I can provide you with a more specific solution..


  • NAV_with_Narang Profile Picture
    NAV_with_Narang 2,216 Super User on at
    RE: Hide Commision Fields

    This field practically has not much of a use in OOTB BC, however you can hire a developer to hide this column from the view for all the users

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