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Purchase price list - Item discount group

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Hi all

When selecting the Item discount group option in a purchase price list, the system gives me the following error:


The only way I can add the item discount group line is by copying a previously made price list and adjusting the entries.

Are there other people who are experiencing this issue? We have this issue in every SAAS environment (current version 19.5.36567.36634).

Thanks in advance!

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    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: Purchase price list - Item discount group

    I also checked 19.3 and 20 (next release) and all have the same error. It could be in first version they did not catch this and then they changed it. You can open the case with Microsoft on this and maybe they bring it back. I can see your use case here and benefits.

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    Robrecht_Xams 10 on at
    RE: Purchase price list - Item discount group


    Thanks for checking within your environment!

    We were already creating purchase price lists with the item discount groups and that worked exactly as planned. In one of the past updates, this error message suddenly popped up. It's strange that the functionality in itself works well, but you are just unable to select the option in the purchase price list.

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    MahGah Profile Picture
    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: Purchase price list - Item discount group


    I receive the same error. My guess is "Item Discount Group" is in sales side and cannot be used in purchase side. In other words, Item Discount is related to SO and cannot be used in Purchase order to categorize items.  But looks like Purchase Price List and Sales Price List are identical. If you go to Sales Price List you can select it but not in Purchase Price list. It is possible a developer used one template for both page then wrote a code to disable "item Discount" for Purchase page. 


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