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Form Customization

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I have a requirement of Closing the form after button click in the action pane, if we  click the button it will open the Runbase batch processing dialog and if I click on "OK" or "cancel" button form is closing automatically since I have  added the code element.close() in clciked method.

My target is like form has to close only when we click on "OK" and to remain running if I click on "cancel "  button.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Form Customization

    Hi Nikolaos,

    I will change the code accordingly and check my scenario.


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    nmaenpaa 101,148 on at
    RE: Form Customization

    The normal look&feel in the systems doesn't work like that. I recommend to consider sticking to the normal look&feel. This would mean that the caller form is not closed automatically if the user clicks OK on the batch dialog.

    However it's possible to achieve it.

    You need something like that in the main method of your RunBaseBatch class (usual disclaimer: this is an illustration only, not real code that you should expect to work in your scenario without changes):

    public static void (Args _args)
        Object caller = _args.caller();
        FormRun callerForm;
        MyRunBaseClass myRunBaseClass = MyRunBaseClass::construct();
        if (caller is FormRun)
            callerForm = _args.caller();
        if (myRunBaseClass.prompt())

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