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Select Control doesn't populate - View Extension (MPOS)

Posted on by 110

Hello everyone,

I'm new to customizing the MPOS (D365 Commerce) and I'm trying to fill the "Select" control with data from the database. I have validated that my controller (Api) returns the required information, however it is not reflected in the view (Cart).

import {
} from "PosApi/Extend/Views/CartView";

import {
} from "PosApi/TypeExtensions";

import { ProxyEntities, ClientEntities } from "PosApi/Entities";
import { TipoComprobanteApiPE } from "../../DataService/DataServiceRequests.g";
import { Entities } from "../../DataService/DataServiceEntities.g";
import MessageDialog from "../../DialogSample/MessageDialog";

export default class SalesCustomControl extends CartViewCustomControlBase {

private _cart: Observable<ProxyEntities.Cart>;
public documentTypeIdPE: Observable<string>;

public documentTypeListPE: ObservableArray<Entities.TipoComprobantePEEntity>;

private _context: ICartViewCustomControlContext;
private _state: ICartViewCustomControlState;

private static readonly TEMPLATE_ID: string = "Microsoft_Pos_Extensibility_Samples_Sales";
public readonly documentTypePELabel: string;

constructor(id: string, context: ICartViewCustomControlContext) {
super(id, context);

/* Start fixed values*/
let tp1: Entities.TipoComprobantePEEntity = new Entities.TipoComprobantePEEntity();
tp1.TipoComprobanteId = "-";
tp1.TipoComprobante = "--DEFAULT--";

let tp2: Entities.TipoComprobantePEEntity = new Entities.TipoComprobantePEEntity();
tp2.TipoComprobanteId = "01";
tp2.TipoComprobante = "INVOICE";
/* End fixed values*/

this._context = context;

this.documentTypeIdPE = ko.observable("");

this.documentTypeListPE = ko.observableArray([tp1, tp2]);

this.documentTypePELabel = this._context.resources.getString("string_50");

this._cart = ko.observable(null);

this.cartChangedHandler = (data: CartChangedData) => {



this.documentTypeIdPE.subscribe((newValue: string): void => {

this._addOrUpdateExtensionProperty("DOCUMENTTYPEID", <ProxyEntities.CommercePropertyValue>{ StringValue: newValue });



public onReady(element: HTMLElement): void {

ko.applyBindingsToNode(element, {
template: {
name: SalesCustomControl.TEMPLATE_ID,
data: this


public init(state: ICartViewCustomControlState): void {

this._state = state;

let correlationIdDT: string = this._context.logger.getNewCorrelationId();
let requestTP: TipoComprobanteApiPE.GetTipoComprobanteRequest<TipoComprobanteApiPE.GetTipoComprobanteResponse> = new TipoComprobanteApiPE.GetTipoComprobanteRequest();

.then((result: ClientEntities.ICancelableDataResult<TipoComprobanteApiPE.GetTipoComprobanteResponse>): void => {

if (!(result.canceled || ObjectExtensions.isNullOrUndefined( {

let myResult: Entities.TipoComprobantePEEntity[] = []; Entities.TipoComprobantePEEntity): void => {

//It returns all values that I expect.


.catch((reason: any) => {

this._context.logger.logError(JSON.stringify(reason), correlationIdDT);



* Gets the property value from the property bag, by its key. Optionally creates the property value on the bag, if it does not exist.
private _addOrUpdateExtensionProperty(key: string, newValue: ProxyEntities.CommercePropertyValue): void {

let cart: ProxyEntities.Cart = this._cart();

let extensionProperty: ProxyEntities.CommerceProperty = Commerce.ArrayExtensions.firstOrUndefined(cart.ExtensionProperties, (property: ProxyEntities.CommerceProperty) => {
return property.Key === key;

if (ObjectExtensions.isNullOrUndefined(extensionProperty)) {
let newProperty: ProxyEntities.CommerceProperty = {
Key: key,
Value: newValue

if (ObjectExtensions.isNullOrUndefined(cart.ExtensionProperties)) {
cart.ExtensionProperties = [];


} else {

extensionProperty.Value = newValue;






If I add fixed values to my variable "documentTypeListPE" it shows as I expected.


I will be grateful for the help you can give me.

thanks in advance.

  • RE: Select Control doesn't populate - View Extension (MPOS)

    Thanks for the update - glad to hear you were able to get it going.

  • Adolfome9 Profile Picture
    Adolfome9 110 on at
    RE: Select Control doesn't populate - View Extension (MPOS)

    Hi Shane;

    Thank you for your comment, I have solved it checking log event viewer. In method "_addOrUpdateExtensionProperty" wasn't properly controlled undefined value for cart variable.

  • RE: Select Control doesn't populate - View Extension (MPOS)


    Based on the comment in the code, it looks like you verified that the init() runs and the call to get the data (GetTipoComprobanteRequest) works fine.

    I wonder if the fact that you already populated the dropdown in the constructor (with the two default values) is causing the dropdown to be fixed at just those two values:

           this.documentTypeListPE = ko.observableArray([tp1, tp2]);

    Have you tried leaving the code out and seeing if the code in the init populates the list?

    If you're still having problems, you may want to open a support request to get some assistance.

  • ToddB Profile Picture
    ToddB on at
    RE: Select Control doesn't populate - View Extension (MPOS)

    Hi Adolfo,

    I am checking to see what I can find in regard to this; and will also leave this for the community to reply as well.

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