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GL Trial Balance - no decimals in debit/credit columns

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Posted on by 3,406 Super User

Have a fresh install of GP 2010, SP3 on SQL 2008 R2.  The GL Trial Balance - Detail has shows no decimal places in the debit and credit columns of  the account detail.  I've done the following to try to resolve:

1. Checked currency decimal settings - 2 decimals

2. Checked if the GLTB is a modified report - it is not

3. Checked the Summary version of the report - decimals appear there

4. Run different settings in the Detail report - no difference

5. Exported the 4 existing modified reports and recreated the Reports.dic file - no joy

6. Googled (Bing'd) the issue - no results

I'm out of ideas.  Has anyone else seen this before or know what I else I should check?


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    RE: GL Trial Balance - no decimals in debit/credit columns

    Just ran into the same problem after upgrading to GP2013 & found that the GL00100 table had some of the accounts (all Posting) equal to 1 for Decimal Places & others as 0.  The 1's were the accounts giving us issues on the Detailed TB reports so I updated them all to 0 in SQL & now all is well.  Just an FYI for anyone else experiencing the issue...

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    L Vail 65,269 on at
    RE: GL Trial Balance - no decimals in debit/credit columns

    hey Frank, Don't ya' love it!


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    Frank Hamelly | MVP... 3,406 Super User on at
    RE: GL Trial Balance - no decimals in debit/credit columns

    Thanks so much for your help Gloria and Leslie!  What this ended up being was the Format Code in Field Properties.  I deleted the code in both Debit and Credit columns and voila - my decimals returned!

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    L Vail 65,269 on at
    RE: GL Trial Balance - no decimals in debit/credit columns


    Are the currency settings in Windows OK?? It's a long shot for sure because all of the formats involved should show 'relative decimal places'. So, you'd have problems with the summary report too.

    Do you get the same results with all workstations?

    I'm with Gloria, rename any forms and reports dictionaries and give it a spin without any modified anything. As you know, if they've changed any global resources, it's hard to track down.The global resource change would affect original as well as modified reports. But, without a Reports dictionary, these changes won't be there.

    Do they use multi-currency? In the Report options window, do they have Reporting or Functional currency marked? Is there a difference between the two?

    I traced back the data types and formats and here's what the 'default' values should be:




    Control Panel Language settings


    Ok, it's late and I feel we will both want to hang our heads when the answer is revealed. This is the kind of thing where I want you to export the unmodified report and send it to me. I bet it would print fine somewhere else. Have you tried re-installing the code (drastic, I know).

    I'm running on now. Please let us know what the answer turns out to be, my friend.

    Kind regards,


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    GloriaB 981 on at
    RE: GL Trial Balance - no decimals in debit/credit columns

    Frank, I saw something similar a few years ago. We found that strings had been modified in Modifier, the forms.dic. If there's one of those in the install, I'd remove it to see if that helps. Also re-check the currency settings to make sure decimal points and commas are set correctly. Third, after the backup, I'd checklinks the multicurrency tables and the open and  history GL trx tables. GloriaB

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