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Occasionally Missing Emails using Server Side Sync, Dynamics 365 CE On Premise v9.0

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Dear CRM Community,

Our CRM instance is having some issues regarding Server Side Sync with the OWA mailbox. Some of the incoming emails are not sync to our CRM instance.

From Trace entity using Advanced Find to search for the CRM mailbox alerts, we can find the Warning alerts regarding the emails (An unknown error occurred while receiving email through the mailbox <<email subject>>. The owner of the associated email server profile <<****>> has been notified. The system will try to receive email again later). This alert always appear twice for some reasons. 

However, this could be false alarms. As most of the warning alerts, we are able to find the emails in CRM. There are few of the missing emails that appeared to the mailbox alert but they are NOT in CRM. When we login to OWA mailbox (The actual mailbox that is sync to CRM), the emails are there in the inbox folder. 

We have checked event viewers logs from our servers, but we are not able to identify any meaningful logs related to the incident. 

We have ~30 mailboxes sync with CRM. This issue happens across to all mailboxes. We suspect this is due to some issues with CRM Product itself. 

Our incoming mailboxes are sync with Queue entity directly and have separate mailboxes for outgoing emails. 

The issue seems happen all along since 2020. It is just we only identify recently. 

We do not have outlook for dynamics 365 installed for OWA mailbox. 

We need some help for below: 

1. Is there any way to sync the emails with CRM manually?

2. Has anyone encountered similar issues and what is the possible solution? 

Let us know if you need more information. Any suggestions/replies will be helpful. 

Thank you! 



  • RE: Occasionally Missing Emails using Server Side Sync, Dynamics 365 CE On Premise v9.0

    Hi Wanghao,

    I'd like to know if you found any resolution for this issue or any other post I could refer to on how to resolve this problem.

    Facing exactly the same issue with one of the queues setup in CRM and users reported there are few emails missing.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion.



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