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Non-Stocked Items posting to AP at Packing slip consumption

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Hi All - 

We are using non-stocked items as item requirements for certain project-related costs.  Historically (over the last year of being live) these items would produce a hit to COGS and AP upon invoicing the PO on the vendor side.  When the non-stock items were posted to a packing slip for item consumption onto a project, no voucher was created.

Beginning when we updated our system to pu44 from pu39, these costs began duplicating themselves at the time of packing slip posting.  By this, I mean that the initial COGS/AP voucher hit at the time of PO invoicing, and the same voucher posted at the time of packing slip posting (COGS/AP) resulting in duplicate cost and ap balances.

I reached out to MSFT and they said it's due to our capitalize cost flag being marked on the line property, which is something that's been turned on since the beginning of our project.  Further, there's no where that has AP listed as the capitalize balance sheet account if this is the case, which leads me to believe it's an issue.  These projects are t&m as well, so there should be no capitalize impact from the line property as far as I can tell.  

I tested their hypothesis, and turning off Capitalize cost on the Line Property does result in the old way we were used to seeing things, but it's inconsistent with the way things have been set up.  Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

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    RE: Non-Stocked Items posting to AP at Packing slip consumption

    Hi Danny,

    Can't say I've ever come across this scenario but I will certainly test it, what was the line property chargeable or non-chargeable?

    As for the capitalise cost setting you are supposed to be able to capitalise items against T&M or FP projects if you wish, see below, but that still shouldn't result in the behaviour you experienced as the functionality only kicks in when running a Project estimate and then eliminating.

    Capitalize cost: Select this check box if costs can be capitalized to balance accounts when transactions with this line property are posted. Capitalizing costs to balance accounts can be applied to time-and-material projects, fixed-price projects, investment projects, and internal projects. 

    There's obviously been a change to the code between releases and I think it is a potential bug, have you looked on LCS issue search for a similar issue?

    Kind Regards


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